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X-ray Diffraction Laboratory Service

X-Difracción Laboratory Service

Scientific Responsibles
Dr. Concepción Real Pérez

Technical Assistant
Ldo. José María Martínez Blanes

X-ray diffraction allows the qualitative and quantitative identification of crystalline substances and their microstructural and textural characterization.
At present, four independent diffractometers are available in this service, specifically config-ured to analyze the composition, chemical stability, crystallinity and many other properties in polycrystalline samples of a varied nature. Besides ordinary analyses (Θ-2Θ), part of the equipment can perform some advanced studies as:

  • Direct monitoring of transformations undergone in materials under heating, such as phase changes, under inert o reactive atmosphere.
  • To characterize materials at the nanoscale (1-100 nm) through X-ray scattering at low angles, using the SAXS technique.
  • To measure some physical parameters of layers such as density, thickness and surface rough-ness with the reflectometry setup.
  • To obtain the diffraction patterns of samples either sensitive to the atmosphere or highly transparent to X-rays (organic compounds) employing the capillary configuration.

Available Equipment

  • Diffractometer PANALYTICAL X’PERT PRO with automatic sample charger
  • Diffractometer PHILIPS X'PERT PRO with high temperature chamber (1200ºC) ANTON PAAR HTK 1200
  • Diffractometer PANALYTICAL X’PERT PRO (reflectometry, SAXS, low angle scattering and capillary)
  • Diffractometer SIEMENS D5000 DUAL (reflection and transmission)

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