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Mechanized Workshop

Mechanized Workshop

Scientific Responsibles
Dra. Ana Isabel Becerro Nieto

Technical Assistant
D. Juan Carlos Martín Sánchez, D. Manuel Perea Domínguez

This is a service essential for the Institute and external drives attached to the same. Because it allows you to improve, modify and adapt the material and scientific equipment to the needs of each researcher and/or research in progress. Even going to the extent of their manufacture on the basis of a specific need. Offering technical advice, design and manufacture of all elements described above.

Equipment available

The service account with hand tools and power tools for the formation of very diverse materials.

With the possibility union of various materials by welding processes that can be performed in the service:

  • Brazing with different contributions
  • Electric arc welding
  • TIG welding on steel

For the processes of machining by chip is has the following machine-tools:

  • HAAS machining center,TM 1P
  • Vertical drill, ERLO TSAR32
  • Conventional lathe PINACHO SC200
  • Semi-automatic lathePINACHO SMART TURN180

954 48 95 00 ext. 909617