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Mechanized Workshop

Mechanized Workshop

Scientific Responsibles
Dra. Ana Isabel Becerro Nieto

Technical Assistant
D. Juan Carlos Martín Sánchez, D. Manuel Perea Domínguez

The Machining workshop is a basic and essential service that provides technical support to the maintenance, change, fitting and development of simple scientific equipments, according with the current requirements of the experiments and projects carried out by the researchers at the ICMS.

Available Equipment
Besides other minor tolos for cutting, soldering, folding, drilling, etc, this workshop is equipped with:

  • CNC toolrom mill, HAAS TM 1P
  • Vertial toolrom, ERLO TSAR32
  • Toolrom mill EMCO F1P
  • Electronic lathe PINACHO SC200
  • Electronic lathe PINACHO SMART TURN180

954 48 95 00 ext. 909617